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Sometimes The Best Backdrop Is No Backdrop

Pop Quiz:

You hired a photo booth, but you forgot to mention that there's very little space for the booth (certainly not enough room to put up a backdrop), the setup is outside, nowhere near a power outlet, and you need the booth running for a time duration that includes full sun all the way through to pitch darkness...what do you do?


You thank your lucky stars that you hired the Dudes...and that they bring light meters (and know how to use them)! 

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ali + jon | san francisco wedding

Only the coolest of cool couples can pull off a gothic wedding dance party on a Sunday night in San Francisco, thank you Ali and Jon. Lucky enough we had our Vixen background to ensure our photo booth could stand up to the awesomeness of this group. How many ways can you say edgy, stylish, awesome (oops already said that, you get the point!)? Did I mention good taste? If you’ve never been to the club Mercer in San Francisco, it’s intimate and hip in a way that only a San Francisco nightclub can be. Also mad props to the props the bride and groom brought which included a long black veil, furry red coat and skeleton mask. I want them all. I have a problem. 

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flood mansion wedding | san francisco

I’m not going to lie - when we walked through the doors and entered the Grand Hall at the Flood Mansion in SF, I took a moment to myself and imagined I lived in this classic Italian Renaissance designed mansion with stunning views overlooking the San Francisco Bay. Thirty seconds later, I was back on the job sprinkling the dolphin sweat and unicorn tears on our photo booth to make sure we were fully charged with portrait magic.

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get down, get derby | fundraiser

This past weekend we attended the School Force annual fundraising event Get Down, Get Derby at the College of San Mateo. The Derby themed party was riddled with stylish attendees wearing finely crafted designer hats, which only added to the fun props and photo booth experience at the event. This group was the first to try our red curtain backdrop and the result was stunning if I must say so myself. The red curtain is my favorite backdrop in our collection hands down and you can see why in the photos below. 

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cal co-op graduation | the berkeley city club

This enthusiastic group celebrated their U.C. Berkeley graduation at the Berkeley City Club and actually set the record for the most number of people in a Two Dudes photo with their very FIRST photo of the evening. That’s right, they got 26 people in their very first photo! No doubt this group came ready to party and had no hesitation in getting the most out of their photo booth experience. Congratulations to the 2014 Cal grads and go Bears! 

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st. regis wedding photo booth | paul + nicole

Wedding season is upon us and the photo booth is humming!

This weekend, we headed out to the swanky St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco to celebrate Paul & Nicole's nuptials in style. We introduced some of our latest and greatest props and the fantastic black Mod About You backdrop.

In no time, we had some beautiful ladies lining up to give us their best look, and then we were off!

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michele's easter wedding at the piedmont community center

We finished up the weekend celebrating Michele's wedding at the absolutely beautiful Piedmont Community Hall. We were sooooo excited to be a part of Michele's big day; she holds the esteemed title of Two Dudes' VERY FIRST CUSTOMER! Michele was the genius who first caught on to the magic that is the Two Dudes' photo booth and hired us for the grand opening of the new span of the Bay Bridge when our business was still just days old.

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oyster point harbor easter egg hunt

The Oyster Point Dragons are at it again! If you don't recall, we worked a fundraiser event for them recently and this time, they put on an awesome Easter Egg Hunt in conjunction with the San Mateo County Harbor District, featuring dragon boat tours, a live helicopter display, a sighting from the Easter Bunny and, of course, the best photo booth in San Francisco.

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saucy sausalito wedding at ondine restauraunt

Cathy & Jerry were married several weeks ago overseas, but they wanted to have a party for their friends at home in the Bay Area, and what a party it was! In fact, it was such a party that some of Cathy's friends from Australia made the quick 18-hour trip just to see what all the fuss was about! As most everyone knows, Australians are the life of any party, and they were no disappointment this time, providing our first naked photo booth pics, and making sure to set a new booth record before we closed down for the night!

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centerlines + vines fundraiser | casa real at ruby hill winery

Yesterday, we were back at beautiful Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery, this time running our photo booth for the California Dressage Society's annual Centerlines & Vines Fundraiser. It was a spectacular event with wine, food, and music...and needless to say, the horse masks were a big hit. 

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