Bay Bridge Grand Opening!


We were honored to run our magical open-air photo booth this weekend at the grand opening of the new Oakland span of the SF Bay Bridge!

2 dudes & a line

2 dudes & a line

People came in droves to have their photo taken in front of our green screen for a special souvenir to commemorate the fact, we had a non-stop line for about 7 straight hours until event security forced the stragglers to disperse on account of "everyone has already gone home, and we want to go home too."

Of course, the security guards then promptly returned to have us take their photos...and we were happy to oblige! 


We don't like to toot our own horn, but one observant passerby happened to note "you guys are more popular than the bridge!" We DID take a short break for the singing of the National Anthem (much to some people's dismay), but otherwise it was a long, but fun day of photo bombing and bridge-themed antics.


What is a bride-themed antic, you ask? Well, apparently there is a secret Bay Bridge troll that was once smuggled by ironworkers onto the original East Bay span of the bridge and was since moved to the new span. We had a "secret" background for those in the know, and the troll was quite a popular substitute for the beautiful bridge background.   


Congrats to everyone who got the bridge up and running! Anyone looking for their photos from the day can find them here!