for those times when you need to go all out.


First, let’s start with a little back story - the reason the Two Dudes’ product is so great is because they’ve spent years on commercial sets mastering their respective crafts. Using this experience, they were able to leverage their mastery of technology and lighting to deliver amazing quality photography at an unparalleled pace in affordable, bite-sized packages.

But what happens when you have an event that calls for something that’s exactly the opposite of bite-sized? When you need something massive and exceptional to grab people’s attention? That’s where the Two Dudes Bespoke Booth comes in to steal eyeballs, fry brains, and save the day.

Hero Image.jpg

Even though we’ve figured out how to squeeze a commercial set into an affordable package that we can offer all over the country, we didn’t get rid off all of our set pieces and oversized commercial equipment, and we always love the opportunity to break it out and build a proper commercial set.

f you are looking to provide something your guests have never seen before, if someone else is saying it’s a crazy idea, we’re saying yes please, bring it on - give your event the rock star treatment it deserves.

Bring us your crazy ideas, and let’s work together on building something truly spectacular.


from $7,500

  • Custom commercial set with premium/exotic lighting

  • All images shot on a digital medium format camera system

  • Instant access to digital images via a sharing kiosk, fully customized for your event

  • Live slideshow of images from your event on an HD monitor

  • Hosted post-event online gallery where your guests can download images