Here's the Deal

Our enterprise system is pretty simple - the more you spend, the more you save, and the more quality photography and video your events team will have in their lives. 

For clients booking our services throughout the year, we offer a tiered discount structure based on the total (pre-discount) value of your committed bookings. If you know you’ll be using our headshot, photo booth, event photography and/or videography services for several events during the year, you can save on all of them by simply penciling in the dates on our calendar. If you’re not sure, don’t worry - we’ll keep track of your spending and will adjust your discount tier as you go.

There’s no need for your legal/accounting team to lose any sleep either - we don’t require pre-payment or signed contracts to lock in discounts - we’ll take your word for it, as long as you’re expressing intent to book specific events/dates, they will qualify towards your spending and your discount tier.

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Service Details

Spending on any/all of our services counts towards your company’s discount tier. For more details on what each service entails, please click any of the images below for more information.