show me what you're working with!

We get a lot of questions about what our booth looks like in operation, so I thought I'd share a little informational post with you guys so you can see for yourself.

Here's the setup at the Bay Bridge grand opening before everyone arrived; we were using a green screen, setup to display two different digital backdrops. On the left, you see a table with lots of props - hats, wigs, sunglasses, and of course, mustaches. On the right, we have a table with our printer, where we hand out the instant photos after folks come through the booth. In the middle is our pride and joy, a giant softbox, our camera, and two 32" HD TVs (the outside broadcasts a slideshow of the day's images and the inside is for people to see themselves as they pose):


As you can see, the camera "booth" is actually not a booth at all. The booth is completely open, allowing for more than 20 people to fit in front of our 10-foot wide backdrop. 

Here is the view from inside the booth; this is a 32" HD TV which people can see themselves on to position for each shot.

At this point, those of you with a trained eye might notice a few things; our camera and lighting equipment are top-of-the-line - we didn't buy this stuff at Costco. We have a long history of experience as professional fashion photographers, and this is the same stuff we've used to shoot images for magazines and newspapers you may have heard of, like Cosmopolitan, Shape, Seventeen, and the Wall Street Journal.
Another thing we've found - once the line starts, it doesn't stop; we had a nonstop line for 7 hours on this particular day. This was just the beginning of the day, and the line only got longer from here. The people who finally shut us down actually asked for pictures too...after they had insisted that we shut down. =P

We talk a lot of smack about how much better our booth is than the boxes with automatic cameras, but it's quite possible not everyone understands what that really means. Hopefully this gives you some idea how things work around here.