YES conference | san francisco & east bay open-air photo booth

Our friends at the MTC (the folks responsible for the Bay Bridge Grand Opening) had us back for another round of fun, and this time we set up our photo booth at their 1st annual YES (Youth for the Environment & Sustainability) Conference. Between fantastic sessions discussing important topics like transportation, climate change, and pollution, the more than 100 (mostly high-school aged) kids in attendance got to blow off some steam in our booth!

Everyone was kept safe under the faithful watch of security... 

Although he did miss a chance to nab some ruffians when the teachers snuck out of class to take a picture of their own! 

After many attempts, these ladies managed to perfect their 'jump shot':  

And even one of the Dudes got in on the action to see how his spiffy new shirt looked on camera:

We were happy to be a part of such an inspiring day, and glad to be a part of the amazing events that the MTC continues to put on!

If you'd like to see all of the photos, we've posted them on our Facebook page; you can also download the individual high-res images here