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Non-Stop Traffic


Custom Data


A New Headshot


A Trade Show IDEA that Works


Stop losing leads. Put your trade show budget to work. 

Are you looking for new ideas for your trade show booth? This is the world's best traffic driver, an event marketing tool that finally works to deliver traffic, attention, and leads. Two Dudes EXPOSURE is a turn-key professional headshot booth service providing unmatched ROI at conferences, trade shows and corporate events.  

  • Thousands of high-quality leads; your booth will be the most popular spot in the room

  • Instant, custom data capture from every participant; no more needing to rent clunky and expensive lead capture devices

  • Organic, extended face-to-face interactions; no more elevator pitch selling, no more hard selling

  • Our fully white-labeled headshot booth makes your brand the star of the show

You've got the attention of thousands of people for as long as you'd like, so relax and get to know your customers while you share your brand with them. At the end of it, they'll thank you. Our professional headshot photo booth delivers an ROI that can't be touched by any other trade show giveaway.

Check out our recent Case Study to see how clients are making the most of our Headshot Booth or check out our videos to see for yourself.  Contact us to find out why we have a nearly perfect retention rate with our clients.

The Dudes are the best in the industry.
— Olga Rosenbrook, CEMA
Having a company as turnkey as Two Dudes takes so much pressure off of me as an organizer.
— Dana O'Donnel, AAOMS
I attend a lot of conventions, and this is the best thing I’ve ever seen at a trade show. Whoever thought of this is a genius.
— Director of Global Events, Neustar

More Leads


When you invest in space at an important convention or trade show, you need to maximize your traffic and leads.

Two Dudes EXPOSURE makes your booth the center of attention, no matter how big the show. Hundreds of people waiting for the chance to get into your booth - does that work for you?

Plus, our integrated lead capture software puts the customer data YOU care about instantly at your fingertips.

More Branding


Every experience, every touchpoint, and every piece of technology in the Exposure product has been designed explicitly with your business in mind. 

While people stand in line, your branding message is tastefully integrated, and then subtly reinforced along every step of the process.

By the end of the experience, you have a new follower, a new customer, and a new friend.

More Value


Pricing for ineffective sponsorships (tote bags, popcorn machines, water bottles, etc.) have reached ridiculous rates. People are tired of the gimmicks; this is a chance to give them something with real value.

With EXPOSURE, there's no need to rent furniture or lead capture devices, no need for swag, no need to sponsor lanyards or lunches.

We bring the crowds to you, and you've got all the time in the world to talk to them.

Does your company produce a lot of events?

We offer Enterprise Pricing for companies who end up booking us for multiple services and events throughout the year, allowing you to extend our bulk-rate to all of your events, anywhere in the country, giving you the same preferred rate regardless of whether your event is three days long or just lasts a few hours.

Standard SeT

The bread & butter of the EXPOSURE product line; this package includes custom lead capture, integrated branding, and instant digital delivery of our world-class headshot images.

  • World-class 3-person portrait team

  • Integrated custom lead capture

  • One backdrop

  • One social media kiosk

  • Slideshow with branded marketing images

  • Branded digital image gallery

  • Up to 40 guests per hour

Read our Case Study to see how our clients have maximized their ROI on our headshot experience.

Standard Copy.jpg

NOTE: Local discounts and half-day coverage available for events in the SF Bay Area; give us a holler and we can set you up.

Hands down the best execution I have seen for headshots. You guys killed it. Great job!
— Manager, Experiential Marketing, General Mills

Ultimate Set

The biggest and baddest headshot experience that has ever been developed. More people, more impact, more everything. Stand out from the crowd and provide your guests with stunning, one-of-a-kind images with our top-shelf premium studio lighting set, visible across the largest show floors.

  • World-class 4-person portrait team

  • Integrated custom lead capture

  • Custom-designed professional studio set

  • Up to three premium seamless/canvas backdrops

  • Two premium touchscreen social media kiosks

  • Slideshow with branded marketing images

  • Branded digital image gallery

Ultimate Copy.jpg

NOTE: Local discounts available for events in the SF Bay Area; give us a holler and we can set you up.


Additional Services

Branded Backdrop

Increase your brand presence with a custom branded backdrop. We can incorporate your branding and message into the same backdrop we use for portraits to make sure everyone passing by knows exactly who brought the fun to the party.


Branded Prints

Our instant, branded prints give your guests something to walk away with, making sure they'll have a physical memory of the great value you provided them.


Two Dudes Bundles

Our party booth, event photography, and video production services can fill out your coverage and make planning your next event even easier. We offer significant discounts when two or more services are booked together, and you have the benefit of a single point of contact for all of your media needs!


magazine Covers

One of the benefits of getting magazine-quality headshots of your guests is that you can easily create magazine covers with them! 

Magazine covers can make great takeaway gifts for your guests, and are available as an digital and/or 8x10 print add-on, with various optional levels of personalization.