Want your company’s photography to look like our photography?

We can help!

We’ve worked with companies around the world to help them optimize and improve the quality of their internal photography services. The Dudes are experienced photography instructors, and can help your team improve their process, or start a completely new one from scratch.

Some of our services include:

  • Training (novice and advanced) photography teams expert portrait lighting and photography techniques

  • Developing and/or improving high-volume, high-quality portrait processes for HR/Badge portraits

  • Advice for selecting and purchasing the right photography & video equipment for your needs

  • Review and assessment of current photography processes

  • Recruiting and hiring an in-house photo/video teams

If you’re unhappy with the quality or volume of photography in your company/organization, and need more than one visit from the Dudes to make things right, drop us a line - it may be that helping to train/optimize your onsite team is a better option!