so long, old friend...

We lose a lot of props.

I know that sometimes it's unintentional, and that people actually forget about the giant dollar sign necklace hanging around their neck or the pink Kanye West glasses they're wearing on their face. Other times, I think people see the fun stuff we bring and they can't help but take them home to share with their friends, family, and/or cat. 

I get it, because our props are fun and cool, and it's hard to let go of that rare feeling of power and virility you get when you pop a fluorescent orange cowboy hat on your head. In general, it's not a big deal; we're getting paid to be there, and a bit of prop pilferage is built into our business model - no sweat.

But once in awhile, one of my favorite props doesn't reappear at the end of the night, and that makes me a sad dude. If I were a super-sleuthy kind of guy, I might look back through the photos to see the last person who wore the prop, then find and shame them, but that wouldn't be cool. 

Instead, I will offer this eulogy to a dearly departed prop of ours - in fact, my very favorite prop ever. He was only with us for a few weeks, but he always had a creepy, blank stare on his face and it never failed to crack me up.

So, from me and mister creepy unicorn, goodbye creepy horse...until we meet again when Amazon delivers your replacement next Tuesday. 

May you always be this joyful...