We’re a full-service media company delivering premium photography and video experiences on location, anywhere in the world.

Our clients hire us because we have a reputation of being the best; as much as we aim to have fun at work, it’s imperative that we are always delivering high-quality photos and that we come across as professional & personable.

Here are a few FAQs to help us work better together:


When Should I Be There And For How Long?

The meeting marker for your event will be populated with event details at least a week out from the day of the event. That will include the arrival/departure schedule for staff. PLEASE BE ONSITE AT THE ARRIVAL TIME. Not hunting for parking, or fashionably late. Check Waze or Google Maps ahead of time to try and predict travel times.

In general, you should have more time than you need to setup. Please plan to be ‘show-ready’ 30 minutes prior to the start of your event; that last half hour is a great time to grab some food, check your phone, etc…speaking of which: phones should not be out during active booth hours, unless it’s for work stuff.

Finally, if you don’t see the schedule on the meeting marker, email Steph and ask her to get s#!t together.

What Should I Wear?

Unless otherwise noted, our dress code is business casual/cocktail party classy. Dark denim is fine but t-shirts, shorts, yoga/cargo pants, etc. should be avoided.



When Do I Get My Money?

If you’re an Independent Contractor, we cut checks (i.e. send money via paypal or venmo) on Mondays. Employees are paid every two weeks on Friday.

If you are new to us, please fill out a W-9 and let Mason know what your PayPal/Venmo handle is.

What If I Need Help?

At some point, you will get stuck - learning to troubleshoot is a key part of the job, but be sure to time box it. If you can’t solve the problem within ~5-10 minutes, pickup a lifeline and phone a friend.

Joey and Mason have faced most of these problems at some point and are always happy to help go through issues over the phone or screen-sharing, so give them a call or a text:

  • Joey | 310.420.4332

  • Mason | 415.430.7609