When you hire a photo booth for your event, you want the best possible quality and the best possible experience; and for that, there's simply no other choice than the Dudes.

We believe that you shouldn't have to fill out a form to know what we charge (that's just really annoying), or be nickeled and dimed when you just want some fun photos at your event, so we offer several several simple, clearly defined packages that include everything you'll need for a really good time and a top-shelf photo experience; if you're looking for the best photo booth experience in the world, the Two Dudes Package is for you; if you want something a bit more refined and focused on a high-quality portrait experience, the Two Sirs Package is your jam. Capiche? 


The Two Dudes Package

  • 3 hours of photo booth amazingness manned by two professional photographers with professional gear (please note we don't call them "operators" or "event hosts", ahem) 
  • instant prints - your choice of traditional 2x6 strips or one of our beautiful 4x6 layouts; the 4-up option gives you printed images that are more than 500% larger than the strip images, and the single image option gives you a beautiful image that's 24x bigger, making for one heck of a party favor!  custom branding/logo on your print
  • unlimited reprints on demand
  • instant viewing of your event on our HD televisions
  • a smorgasbord of props for your party's amusement
  • the backdrop of your choice 
  • an online gallery for your and all of your guests to download images
    note: these are the beautiful, high-res, non-watermarked individual photos, and not just the branded strips that most photo booth rental companies provide 
  • travel within 50-miles of San Francisco
  • Setup/breakdown time
    And don't worry - setup/breakdown is not counted as part of your 3 hours!
  • No additional charge for sales tax (it's already included)


4x6 - single image

4x6 - 4 up

4x6 - Mosaic

2x6 strips

The Two Sirs Package | $2400

You asked, so we've created a special package especially for our fancy customers, who want a more refined, custom portrait experience. We design a custom lighting setup, integrated into the environment of your venue so that you and your guests can capture truly memorable moments at your event.  

  • 3 hours of portraiture 
  • instant prints, with unlimited reprints
  • instant viewing of your event on our HD televisions
  • custom themed props for your party's amusement
  • instant access to images via our social media kiosk with a vanity URL specific to your event
  • an online gallery for your and all of your guests to download images
  • travel within 50-miles of San Francisco
  • Setup/breakdown time
  • No additional charge for sales tax

NOTE: Custom sets and furniture are available for an additional charge; tell us about your event and we can brainstorm on how to make it incredible!

the SUPER ULTRA PLATINUM! package | $3200

Affectionately referred to as 'the kitchen sink', this is the ultimate package for the ultimate open air photo booth in the San Francisco Bay Area. If any package deserves all caps and an exclamation mark in the name, it's this one.

  • no limits on time
  • no limits on images
  • any of our a la carte options

You want it all? You got it.  Tell us when to be there and we'll run our booth until the last person leaves the party. 

We're at your service for the whole day, and you can include any (or all) of the add-ons (guest book, social media, etc.) at no additional cost.