let us make this easy for you



let us make this easy for you

we offer a superior open-air photo booth rental at (or below) our competitors' rates, making your decision stupid easy. 

we also believe that you shouldn't have to fill out a form to know what we charge (that's just really annoying), or be nickeled and dimed when you just want some fun photos at your event, so we have two simple, clearly defined packages that includes everything you'll need for a really good time; if you're looking for a really, really good time, we've got a few things you can add. capiche? 

the two dudes package

  • 3 hours of photo booth amazingness manned by a professional photographer with professional gear (please note we don't call them "operators" or "event hosts", ahem) 
  • instant double 2"x6" strip prints with custom branding/logo
  • reprints on demand
  • instant viewing of your event on our HD televisions
  • a smorgasbord of props for your party's amusement
  • the standard backdrop of your choice 
  • a gallery for your and all of your guests to download images 
    note: these are the beautiful, high-res, non-watermarked individual photos, and not just the branded strips that most photo booth rental companies provide 
  • travel up to 50-miles from San Francisco
  • Includes setup/breakdown time
    And don't worry - setup/breakdown is not counted as part of your 3 hours!
  • No additional charge for sales tax (it's already included)



Affectionately referred to as 'the kitchen sink', this is the ultimate package for the ultimate in open air photo booths. If any package deserves all caps and an exclamation mark in the name, it's this one.

  • no limits on time
  • no limits on images
  • no limits on a la carte options

You want it all? You got it.  Tell us when to be there and we'll run our booth until the last person leaves the party. 

We're at your service for the whole day, and you can include any (or all) of the add-ons (4x6 prints, premium backdrops, etc.) at no additional cost.



a la carte menu

a la carte menu


a la carte menu

a la carte menu

additional coverage time  |  $150/hr or $75/hr (idle) 

need more than three hours of booth time? no problem! each additional hour is $150. need less than three hours? take $150 off our package for a two-hour session price of $745. 

need us to setup early? that's no problem either; we can arrive early and have the booth setup to avoid any awkward distractions for $75/hr.


use of one of our slick premium backdrops  |  $100 


take your party to the next level with one of our sexy sequin backdrops, or our awesome chalkboard backdrop!

browse our selection of premium backdrops


custom 4"x6" print layout  |  $100

make a real impression with one of our classy 4x6 print layouts, available as 4 equal-sized images or one highlight image with three smaller images.

a single image print layout is available for an additional $50


guest book w/ all the fixins  |  $50

add a guest book to your event, and we'll make sure your guests leave a copy of their strip and then say something nice (even if we have to make them lie).

we'll also provide the glue sticks, glitter pens, and whatnot so everyone gets a chance to express themselves in their own way 


video option  |  $100

add video messaging to your photo booth (and we'll combine your friends' messages into a nifty video)


social media broadcast  |  $50

live-broadcast all of your images to your own Facebook gallery with our social media option

images are posted instantly, and guests can share their favorite images to Facebook/Twitter/email from our iPad too


HD projector system  |  $200


who needs an HD TV when you can project your event's pictures onto an entire wall? Using our high-end HD digital projector system, you can project the photo booth fun for the entire party to see! 

our projector can be placed anywhere at the party, even in a different room!


green screen background  |  $100

use a green screen background and the sky's the limit for your photo booth! you can be in an underwater paradise or at the top of a mountain, and who knew they had such beautiful lighting there? 

we can also add an overlay on top of your image if you'd like to include a customized logo or cutout for your event


"paparazzi style" booth setup  |  $100 (per 3 hours)


if you're looking for a premium photo booth experience, similar to the step-and-repeat lines at your favorite red carpet events, we can make it happen (and we'll even bring the red carpet)! 

with the "paparazzi" setup, we pull out some of our gear and your guests interact directly with one of our professional portrait photographers who will work with you to create a custom look with every shot

strike a pose and strut your stuff, because you're in the big leagues now! 


other options

  • travel to faraway lands  |  $2/mi  (first 50 miles from SF are free)
  • digital images only (no prints)  |   subtract $50
  • any other crazy thing you can think of, don't hesitate to ask  |  a.q. 

wedding photography

need a wedding/event photographer too?


wedding photography

need a wedding/event photographer too?

one of the dudes is an experienced wedding & event photographer (masonfoster.com), and he is offering 10% off the price of his photography services if paired with a 2 Dudes package!