You know who you are.

Having the best photo booth in the Bay Area is not enough for you. You want to outdo every other photo experience ever created and you want an event of legendary extravagance that would bring Robin Leach out of retirement, trending on Twitter today, a myth that people talk about with envy and wonder for years to come. And you need someone crazy enough to put it together.  

You've come to the right place.  

Can you imagine having photos taken of you and your guests that belong on the cover of Vanity Fair? Who even dreams of building a photo booth with $100k worth of equipment, taking immaculate photos of guests riding in a WWII tank, bucking on a mechanical bull, or wrestling a 10' stuffed grizzly bear while donned in Russian Cossack garb?  We do. And we can make that happen happen for you. 

You know you want it.

Drop us a line and let us create the most unbelievable photo experience you never could have imagined.