This is not about photography.

This is about making you stand out from every other person in the room. 

From the moment convention and trade show attendees step into the hall, there's one exhibitor's booth they know is a MUST-SEE. It's your headshot set. There’s a line with hundreds of people, patiently waiting for over an hour, but they want their place in that line; it’s well worth it. 

Some folks haven’t updated their LinkedIn profile picture in years, and this Two Dudes thing looks good. Really good. Regular, everyday people go in, and they come out with pictures that are natural and relaxed, but look like they would fit right into a spot in Fortune or INC magazine.  The attendees know that this is the chance of a lifetime - expensive, professional photos, at no cost to them, thanks to you. 

This is about your message.

As the guests approach the set, they see your logo tastefully and liberally presented on signage, slideshow screens, prints, and digital imaging kiosks. 

Next, the guest makes her way to a digital kiosk, where a 4x6 print with your branding gives a web-link to a branded gallery hosting the images. 

A touch-screen-monitor allows the guest to tweet, Facebook, email, Instagram, and otherwise share your branded imagery too.

It’s your world, and they’re just living in it - and loving it. 

How long does a branded water bottle make an impression?

Thousands of people go through the line, and while they wait, they're a captive audience for one of your brand reps. 

These thousands of people download their images, spreading your branding message with their colleagues, friends, and family members. Each event generates hundreds of thousands of hits to your branded image gallery in a single day. Smart phones, desktops, tablets; everybody wants to share these photos. CEO's, sales reps, potential clients, front-end, and back-end. 

What's really incredible, and unmatched by any other competitor, is the shelf-life and the lasting value in our branding package. Unlike gimmicks, toys, and bottles of water, the Two Dudes can assure that your brand image has staying power. 

How long does a branded water bottle make an impression? Three minutes? Five? Our products continue working effectively long after the event ends. And months after that water bottle has been recycled, your brand’s image lives on as one of your customer's most-liked profile pictures.


There's no need to choose between quality and efficiency.

we can do both.

Our proprietary technology allows us to produce maximum-quality with blazing speed. 

Many commercial photographers require 24 hours (or more) to deliver your images; our technology allows us to deliver your images in about 24 seconds. 

Ask us how we can customize your experience- you'll be amazed at what we can accomplish. 


experience you can trust

We've traveled all over the country for clients like Microsoft, Oracle, Apple, and LinkedIn, and have a solid track record of delivering amazing experiences at important events - drop us a line today to see how we can do the same for you and your clients!

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