st. regis wedding photo booth | paul + nicole

Wedding season is upon us and the photo booth is humming!

This weekend, we headed out to the swanky St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco to celebrate Paul & Nicole's nuptials in style. We introduced some of our latest and greatest props and the fantastic black Mod About You backdrop.

In no time, we had some beautiful ladies lining up to give us their best look, and then we were off!

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michele's easter wedding at the piedmont community center

We finished up the weekend celebrating Michele's wedding at the absolutely beautiful Piedmont Community Hall. We were sooooo excited to be a part of Michele's big day; she holds the esteemed title of Two Dudes' VERY FIRST CUSTOMER! Michele was the genius who first caught on to the magic that is the Two Dudes' photo booth and hired us for the grand opening of the new span of the Bay Bridge when our business was still just days old.

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oyster point harbor easter egg hunt

The Oyster Point Dragons are at it again! If you don't recall, we worked a fundraiser event for them recently and this time, they put on an awesome Easter Egg Hunt in conjunction with the San Mateo County Harbor District, featuring dragon boat tours, a live helicopter display, a sighting from the Easter Bunny and, of course, the best photo booth in San Francisco.

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saucy sausalito wedding at ondine restauraunt

Cathy & Jerry were married several weeks ago overseas, but they wanted to have a party for their friends at home in the Bay Area, and what a party it was! In fact, it was such a party that some of Cathy's friends from Australia made the quick 18-hour trip just to see what all the fuss was about! As most everyone knows, Australians are the life of any party, and they were no disappointment this time, providing our first naked photo booth pics, and making sure to set a new booth record before we closed down for the night!

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centerlines + vines fundraiser | casa real at ruby hill winery

Yesterday, we were back at beautiful Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery, this time running our photo booth for the California Dressage Society's annual Centerlines & Vines Fundraiser. It was a spectacular event with wine, food, and music...and needless to say, the horse masks were a big hit. 

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lindsay museum faces of wildlife gala

Both of the dudes were born and raised in the East Bay, and we grew up going to see the incredible animals at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek. We even rescued an injured bird in the 4th grade and the museum nursed it back to health.

So when we had the chance to run our booth at their annual charity gala at the Roundhill Country Club in Alamo, we jumped at the chance! It was an incredibly fun night with an exciting live auction, photo ops with the wildlife, movers and shakers from all over the SF Bay Area, and of course, the best open air photo booth rental money can buy!

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los gatos high school annual benefit auction

The Los Gatos High School NMF is a non-profit group that raises money to improve the experience of all the kids at Los Gatos High School in San Francisco's South Bay.

This time, for their 13th annual benefit auction, they stepped up the game and brought in our open air photo booth to liven up the party and loosen up people's wallets before the big auction. They came, they laughed, they took awesome photos, and then they paid up...for the kids. Everyone wins! 

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jamba juice at the CCSA conference

When Jamba Juice wanted to find a way to stand out at the CCSA Conference at the San Jose Convention Center to promote their Jamba Go program, they put on their thinking caps and figured out something that would attract a scene at the booth, but would also be a fun and memorable way to learn more about their program...a photo booth! And of course, it couldn't just be any old photo booth...the Two Dudes' open air booth was the perfect fit.

But the setup wasn't the perfect fit for us - we're used to stretching out our elbows and setting up shop in a nice big space, but this time we were limited to just THREE (gasp!) feet of space to shoot in. Lucky for them, no space is too big (or clearly too small!) for us to turn it into a beautiful photo booth.

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minecraft birthday party

As a dad, I feel obligated to give my kids everything they want...and as a photographer, I have a little bit of a one-track mind. So when I asked my son what he wanted to do for his birthday party, and he started talking Minecraft, I knew we needed to bust out the green screen and create a Minecraft photo booth.

We set up the photo booth so that each of the four images used a different Minecraft background, supplied an iron sword and pickaxe, some creeper and Steve masks, and let the kids do what they do best!

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gay vanity wedding show at the bently reserve

We were thrilled to be a part of the first annual Gay Vanity Wedding Show. This was an amazing event at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco, giving the most stylish vendors in the San Francisco Bay Area an opportunity to connect with LGBT couples interested in hiring classy vendors for their big day.  

When it comes to classy photo booth rentals, it doesn't get much better than the 2 Dudes and their magical open air booth. We (literally) rolled out the red carpet and gave hundreds of couples and event planners a little taste of why we like to call ourselves the best photo booth in the Bay Area...looking at the photos, we think they liked it.

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celebrating the new brand | conversant launch day

Who says you can't have fun on a Monday afternoon?

Conversant, formerly known as ValueClick, knows what's up. When they announced their new name to employees, they did it with style - treating everyone to a hard-earned beer and some photo booth fun right at their office in the San Francisco Financial District (and right down the street from us)!

We had a blast celebrating the cool new branding with the Conversant crew, and can't wait to come back for their next corporate event!

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cal young alumni hoops party | berkeley open air photo booth

Our friends from the Cal Alumni Association had us out for yet another fantastic fiesta, this time to prepare everyone for the huge showdown between the (spoiler alert) previously unbeaten #1 Arizona Wildcats and the glorious Cal Bears Men's basketball teams.

As usual, the CAA put on a heck of a party (at the Alumni House in Berkeley), the Cal Bears pulled off an amazing buzzer beater to hand the Wildcats their first loss, and I don't mean to be presumptuous, but I think having the Two Dudes' photo booth at the party was probably the one thing that really pushed the tide of the game in Cal's favor. I'm just saying.

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