jamba juice at the CCSA conference

When Jamba Juice wanted to find a way to stand out at the CCSA Conference at the San Jose Convention Center to promote their Jamba Go program, they put on their thinking caps and figured out something that would attract a scene at the booth, but would also be a fun and memorable way to learn more about their program...a photo booth! And of course, it couldn't just be any old photo booth...the Two Dudes' open air booth was the perfect fit.

But the setup wasn't the perfect fit for us - we're used to stretching out our elbows and setting up shop in a nice big space, but this time we were limited to just THREE (gasp!) feet of space to shoot in. Lucky for them, no space is too big (or clearly too small!) for us to turn it into a beautiful photo booth.

So we took up our three feet of space in their booth, setup our lights and made it work like a charm, drawing a crowd at the conference, and helping to spread the word about a great program for schools.

Bananaman was the local celebrity of the day, photobombing unsuspecting photo boothers and showing people the proper way to ham it up - or is it get fruity? Either way, it was a success and the folks at Jamba Juice now have a new secret weapon for drawing attention at trade shows and conferences...as if giving away free smoothies wasn't already a great way to get attention!

For all the photos go here.

Don't eat the Bananaman!

Noooooo! There's too many of them!