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Who are you two dudes? And where have you come from?

After years of photographing weddings, babies, and fancy fashion models (basically taller versions of babies), we have decided that we'd like to change things up and try something more fun and so we give you...(drumroll please) Two Dudes & A Booth, a premium photo booth experience that is WAY better than the typical booth you've crawled into with your friends.

Ok wise guy(s), why is your booth so much better?

It starts with the setup - remember when I said we used to take pictures of fashion models? Well, all of that studio gear and expertise is now going to be capturing you and your family/friends/coworkers/frenemies with beautiful diffuse lighting to make for a recipe of portrait perfection.

Next, there's the booth. Our booth is an open-air interactive environment, not a box. That means you can fit a ton of people (literally, up to 10-20 people which on average weigh about a ton) in each picture, and no one has to be the "seat" in the photo. Stand in front of our professional gear, strike a pose with 10-20 of your crew and get back to the celebration, but don't forget to grab your professional print as you stroll out of our mobile studio.

Lastly, there's the fun. All of our photographers are (self) certified party animals, sure to keep things moving along happily. Not that you will need much encouragement - between our tons of silly props and the live broadcast of images in stunning HD on our LCD televisions, a lack of smiles and laughter is rare near our booths.

So, what's with the name?

Well, there's two of us, we're both guys, and we have an awesome photo booth (well several, actually). Need we say more?

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