People think they hate being photographed, but that's probably just because they've been jaded by years of being tagged in people's bad photos. Hand people some silly props, put them in front of supermodel lighting, and suddenly they're lining up to get photographed again

Two Dudes & A Booth is a premium mobile photo studio available for weddings, corporate events, festivals, and marketing activities in the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide a fun and interactive photo booth experience that will result in fabulous photos that are sure to live on well after your event. 

We've taken the walls (and the stuffiness) off the standard photo booth to provide your event with an interactive photographic experience that will be the life of the party. Each customizable setup includes an open-air studio with tons of awesome props, an experienced photographer to take high-quality photos of your group, and deliver high-quality prints on the spot. To add to the fun, several large LCD screens broadcast the action to the rest of the party so everyone can see what the fuss is about. 

Two Dudes & A Booth

here's how the process works:

     1. let us know when and where your event is

     2. pick a backdrop 

     3. relax...we'll handle the rest 

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Once upon a time, there were two dudes who dreamt of a world where a photo booth was more than a mildly fun experience encountered in shopping malls and video game arcades. As best friends since the age of six, these dudes conspired to capture their youth via magnificent studio lighting, professional photography equipment, and ridiculous props to create a fun photo booth experience the likes of which had never been seen before....<insert 80's montage of our two six year old friends growing up, becoming professional photographers, mastering studio lighting, moving to San Francisco, and assembling the ultimate open air mobile photo studio>...and thus, Two Dudes & A Booth was born.

Today, that dream is real, and there are more than just two dudes; in fact, several dudettes are making their way onto the scene!

the original dudes

the new dudes & dudettes


Our current record for number of people in one picture is

39 brave souls

(by the folks from Airbnb on december 12, 2014)

can you beat it?

former record holders: